Jamie Riley is an accomplished professional landscape photographer with 30+ years experience. His genius ability for seeing, appreciating and capturing the world’s raw beauty is discernibly unquestionable.


Recognized by many distinguished artists, Jamie’s ability to translate the soul essence of a place into photographic imagery, is an innate gift that differentiates him from others. In this vein, he worked intimately with Harry Jackson, one of the most profound American sculptors and painters of our time, running his photography department.


Jamie’s creations center on encapsulating the dramatic magnificence of our planet’s natural and protected lands. His landscapes have been revered as some of the best representations of our National Park’s splendor. As a result, his work has been featured to promote the United State’s National Parks on a global scale.


His published works and multiple awards are further testament to his unique capacity to entrance his audience, bringing them to experience childlike wonderment and connection to our earth.


Jamie continues to work as a freelance natural landscape photographer for high end commissions and professional publications. For commissioned pieces, contact Jamie to schedule an interview.


Please enjoy the images of Jamie Riley Studios.